BIOL 151 Undergraduate TA (Phillis)

Undergrad TAs will lead weekly discussion sections, and may grade discussion activity work, and will work with students as many of the navigate their first semester at UMass.  Undergraduate TAs support important aspects of the learning process for Introductory Biology students.  By running discussion sections, TAs helps students learn the course content, and prepare for quizzes and exams.  But Undergraduate TAs also serve important roles as peer mentors, and act as experienced sources of information for students as the navigate early career issues.  TAs can make an important difference, and have clear impacts on student success.

Name of research group, project, or lab
BIOL 151 sec 1
Why participate in this opportunity?

TAs learn about instruction and leadership in this process, and will gain important experience leading discussion sections, editing, and ideally building some new discussion activities, and learn the basics of lending advice and support to students in need.  This experience also helps master the core cell and molecular biology content of the course, and will be prepared for success in advanced course work.

Logistics Information:
Subject Category
Cellular Biology
Molecular Biology
Student ranks applicable
Student qualifications

Students will be expected to have successfully completed Professor Phillis's section of BIOL 151.

Students with prior experience as a TA in the course are especially encouraged to apply.

Time commitment
8-10 h/wk
Position Types and Compensation
Teaching - Ind. Study Credit
Teaching - Paid, General
Number of openings
Techniques learned

Instructional leadership.

Informal mentoring and advising.


Project start
Fall semester 2024
Contact Information:
Randall Phillis
Associate Professor - Lead Instructor
Name of project director or principal investigator
Randall Phillis
Email address of project director or principal investigator
30 sp. | 54 appl.
8-10 h/wk
Project categories
Molecular Biology (+1)
Cellular BiologyMolecular Biology