Paid Summer and credit during semester Cell Biology of the Nucleus

The Stephens Lab in the Biology Department of UMass Amherst is seeking a student to become an independent undergraduate researcher in our group during the summer of 2024 (full-time paid position) and there after during the academic year (flexible time commitment). The Stephens Lab investigates abnormal nuclear shape which is a hallmark of human disease. We primarily use microscope imaging and analysis of the cell nucleus to investigate the cause/consequences of abnormal nuclear shape on cellular and nuclear functions. The running projects include determining how heterochromatin subtypes, transcription activity, and mitotic failures affect nuclear shape and integrity.  

The primary techniques for this position will provide a great basis for learning about general cell biology, experimental design, cell culture, microscope imaging, and data analysis. We hope this position will be able to continue working in the lab for the remainder of their time at UMass during each semester (paid work study OR Independent study class credit) and during the summer (paid) - but this is flexible and not obligatory. Note that this position has flexible time commitment to mold to the student's needs of focusing on school work.

Name of research group, project, or lab
Stephens Lab
Why participate in this opportunity?

The question of why the cell nucleus presents abnormal shape across the human disease spectrum is an interesting and important question, which we seek to uncover novel insights. 

The time commitment is flexible.

This paid position will work towards ongoing publication efforts and can grow into an independent research position . Having a publication on a CV and a letter of reference from the PI will greatly help with future academic and work opportunities. 

Logistics Information:
Subject Category
Cellular Biology
Student ranks applicable
Student qualifications

We would prefer a student biology major or adjacent majors (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Plant Biology, VASCI, Pre-type majors, and others) as well as other STEM majors. Priority for one of the two positions will be given to those seeking research as their future career. The student should have physical qualifications of good hand eye coordination, be capable of using a mouse, and sitting for short periods of time.

Time commitment
15+ h/wk
Position Types and Compensation
Research - Ind. Study Credit
Research - Paid, General
Research - Paid, Work-Study Req.
Number of openings
Techniques learned

Experimental design, Cell culture, Microscopy of live of fixed cells, Data analysis, Data presentation, and writing.

Project start
This project will use a Mentor-Student contract.
Contact Information:
Andrew Stephens
Principal Investigator
Name of project director or principal investigator
Andrew Stephens
Email address of project director or principal investigator
2 sp. | 48 appl.
15+ h/wk
Project categories
Cellular Biology