Visual circuit development & plasticity in diurnal & nocturnal rodents

Assistance needed with animal care and breeding, light microscopy of brain sections, preparing brain tissue for histology, and helping with electrophysiological recording of brain activity.

Name of research group, project, or lab
Pallas Lab
Why participate in this opportunity?

This project will provide an opportunity to learn surgical techniques, brain tissue sectioning, histology, and microscopic evaluation.  These are marketable skills in clinics and hospitals.

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Subject Category
Animal Physiology
Cellular Biology
Developmental Biology
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Student qualifications

Ability to handle small mammals kindly and safely, strong chemistry and biology background, interest in neuroscience and sensory processing.  High manual dexterity, patience, and persistence with lab tasks.

Time commitment
5-7 h/wk
8-10 h/wk
Position Types and Compensation
Research - Ind. Study Credit
Research - Paid, Work-Study Req.
Research - Volunteer
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Techniques learned

Animal handling, histology, neuroanatomy, light microscopy, data analysis.

Project start
April 20, 2024
Contact Information:
Sarah Pallas
Principal Investigator
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Prof. Sarah L. Pallas
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1 sp. | 34 appl.
5-7 h/wk (+1)
5-7 h/wk8-10 h/wk
Project categories
Developmental Biology (+4)
Animal PhysiologyCellular BiologyDevelopmental BiologyEvolutionNeuroscience