Director: Prof. Jeffrey Blanchard

Jeffrey Blanchard

Dr. Jeffrey Blanchard is the Director of the Biology Undergraduate Apprenticeship (BUA) program and an Associate Professor of Biology at UMass Amherst. Prof. Blanchard’s first start in research was a work study position in a limnology laboratory while a Physics undergraduate student. Shortly afterward he switched majors to Biology and has continued doing research in industry, non-profit and academic settings. He subscribes to a learning through experience philosophy that led to his first two publications as an undergraduate. He is excited to further the Biology Undergraduate Apprenticeship program to provide more opportunities and remove structural hurdles for students seeking real research and teaching experiences. Prof. Blanchard’s research group uses environmental genomic techniques to discover new forms of microbial life (including what is now known as the lovebug and the largest terrestrial virus genome) and understand interactions between global climate change and soil microbial communities. Blanchard Research Group Site